Ethio Agri - CEFT's Food Crop Farms Location

Bir and Ayehu Food Crop Plantations
The Farms located at two different sites, Ayehu and Bir Farms, occupying a total of 15,539 hectares of land. The land, flat and mainly undulated makes the Farms suitable for mechanization which is already in place. In addition, the soil is fertile while the climate is ideal for the cultivation of a number of crops. Furthermore the rivers crossing the farms allow for large scale irrigation. This gives the farms great potential to be large-scale, viable commercial entities including for the development of agro-industry. The farms, fully mechanized, have deployed four central pivot irrigation systems covering a total area of 455 ha.
Year of Acquisition: Ayehu and Bir Farms were purchased from the Ethiopian Privatization Agency in March 2001.
Location: Amhara Region (Western Gojam)
Distance fro Addis Ababa:500km
Altitude:1600 – 1860 (
Temperature : Min. 130C, Max 290C
Area:6,506 ha
Soil :Red.
Location: Amhara Region (Western Gojam)
Distance fro Addis Ababa:400km
Altitude:1400 – 2000 (
Temperature : Min. 130C, Max 280C
Area:8,854 ha
Soil :Reddish brown clay and black vertisol

Major Crops
major crops cultivated at the farms include maize, wheat, soybean, pepper, chickpea, haricot bean, mung bean, rape seed, and sesame. The farms also produce essential oils, spices such as coriander, black cumin, and flax trials is also in progress. Hybrid maize is produced at Ayehu farm for farmers in the surrounding areas. In an effort to maintain environmental balance the farms have started planting such as: onion, mango, banana, potatoes, and coffee with supplementary irrigation. Furthermore, chamomile and hibiscus teas, honey, fruits and vegetables are produced with the possibility of export in the near future. Finally the farms are engaged in livestock fattening for local market by using by-products from the farms.
Production: Total annual production has ranged from 30,000 to 40,000 tons.

Total annual production:
Crops Production in tons
Maize (food grain) 28,374
Maize (hybrid seed) 865
Wheat 2,305
Soybean 1,306
Chick Pea 509
Haricot Bean 740
Pepper 209
Sesame 108
Mung bean 520